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YDS etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster

Test Attack ( KPDS- UDS - YDS KPSS Proficiency & TOEFL )

Ağustos 29, 2019

The book consists of twenty two sections and students aims to gain a broad perspective on various issues. There are approximately 1700 unique questions you can test your English grammar in detail in the first chapter. This section contains questions designed to test the logic down to the smallest detail in all the above mentioned tests and is intended to resolve your grammar short. The second sentence completion section, paragraph completion, translation and so on. This section is made up of work to be done on the question type, it offers a resource for people preparing for the exam of 700 questions. There were a total of 240 paragraph study questions to improve your reading skills in the Reading section. Question number and intensity of the paragraphs in this section varies as for different exams. This will make it easier to adapt to the time difference when reading passages can be boring work. The final chapter in the 240-question words, phrasal verb and preposition are testing. The last part, of course, includes all the Answers of the tests given.

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YDS Çalışma Programı 2020

Temmuz 08, 2019
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